Lucas Sedlmaier arrived in Amsterdam in 2014 after honing his skills in the hospitality industry in his native country, Czech Republic and in Auckland, New Zealand, where he worked closely with celebrity chef, Peter Gordon.

When he arrived in Amsterdam he started working as a bartender in well-established bars such as Door 74 and the A-bar.

Since 2017 Lucas has been a member of the team at Rosalia’s Menagerie.


Sensez Patron Competition “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

Diffords Guide  “Tough questions for Lucas Sedlmaier”
Diffords Guide “Lucas Sedlmaier’s winning Amaro Montenegro Cocktail”


In 2014 he won his first cocktail competition, followed by a number of wins and recognitions:

Patron 2014 (NL Winner)
Merlet 2015 (Benelux as well as European finalist)
Jameson 2016 (NL Winner and global finalist)
Peroni 2016 (NL Winner, Perfect Serve Barshow)
Fiorito 2016 (Winner)
Hooghoudt 2018 (Winner)
Bols Genever & Betty Koster 2018  (Winner)
Chase Cup 2018 (NL 2nd place)
Amaro Montenegro
2018 Vero Bartender (NL winner, 2nd Globally)
Chivas Masters 2019 (NL Top 7)
Entree Best Bartender
2019 (NL Top 3)

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